Voice Actor / Musician

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Brian K. Shaffer and I am a Voice Actor, Musician and Vocal Coach. For many years, I was told by family, friends and even strangers that I had a great “radio” voice and that I should consider trying to do something with it. After some time, I finally decided to take the plunge and pursue my talent, embarking on a journey into “Voice Acting.”

It didn’t happen overnight and it took a good dose of dedication, determination and, most of all, time. In addition to voice acting, I am also an accomplished vocalist and musician. I have recently decided to use my skill sets and experience as a seasoned professional vocalist in helping to develop new and upcoming vocalists as well as helping experienced vocalists hone their craft as a Vocal Coach.

Utilizing my skills as a corporate professional and having been a part of numerous speaking engagements and presentations to clients across the globe, I learned effective speech habits and vocal techniques to enhance relationship building in the workplace. This skill set has given me the tools to help busy business professionals as a Business Vocal Coach.

Please feel free to browse my site, check out the services that I can offer and listen to some sample clips.

Here are some of the services I can provide:

  • Vocal Coaching
  • Business Vocal Coaching
  • Radio and Television Commercials
  • Business Training and e-Learning
  • Internet Video Voiceovers
  • On-Hold Phone Greetings
  • Audiobook Narration Voiceovers
  • Character Acting
  • Vocal Performance

I own and operate my own home studio equipped with professional recording gear, so there’s no need to travel to an outside studio for production. This enables me to begin and complete work in a timely and efficient manner.

I think you will find my rates to be very competitive, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any additional information that you may need. I look forward to working with you on your project!


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